Want to Build a Free Energy Home – Where To Start?

I believe everyone is affected by the global recession as well as the rising cost of fossil fuels. So, many people are searching for ways to have a free energy home which they do not have to pay for using energy for their households. This is where renewable energy plays an important part. Renewable energy is an energy source such as solar, wind, water, and geothermal power that are capable of self-replenish. These energy sources not only are free (the only cost involved is in the technology to set it up), but there are no green house gas emissions too.

The sun is probably the most significant source of free energy and can be utilized by either solar thermal collectors or photovoltaic technology. Solar thermal collectors work by absorbing solar energy, that is, the sun rays, and converting them into heat energy. Water then circulates through the coils in the thermal collectors and is then stored in tanks – just like your traditional hot water system, without making use of expensive electricity. There are a number of various solar collectors available in the market, it really depends on your objective and what you plan to achieve out of the free energy home system. This includes unglazed panels and flat plate water collectors. People using install unglazed panels for swimming pool heating. This is because it is not so important to keep the heat in and the cold air out – it is only necessary to increase the temperature by a few degrees above the air temperature. But flat plate water collectors are different. They are usually used for water heating in your home and because of this, it is crucial that you have either single or double-glazing on the panel. There are other solar thermal collectors that are not so readily available, which do not require to be discussed in detail here, such as flat plate air collectors and evacuated tube collectors.

There are many books and periodicals that you can refer to that actually provide you advice and instructions on how to make solar panels like these. The other most familiar application of solar energy for free energy home is photovoltaic cells, just like those used in calculators. Light is converted into electricity in a semiconductor much like a computer chip. Technology is always improving and the market is developing rapidly. These cells provide electricity and heat homes and businesses. If used with other renewable energy sources such as wind energy, photovoltaic cells can provide sufficient energy and hence cut down the consumption for energy from burning fossil fuel sources. The one problem with solar power is that the sun does not shine at night. The technology that exists currently does not take this into account and thus more research needs to be done to find ways of storing energy during the day so that we can use solar energy as a full energy source.

It is quite simple to make the most of free energy home whether you have a ready-built house or you are building a new house. Solar heating systems are simple to build that use standard building materials. However, if you do move into a new house, look for one that makes the most of solar power and solar power technologies. Find a house that has lots of windows to keep the sunshine in during winter.