Can A Debt Collector Enter Your Home?

The amount of debt people have built up these days is at record highs, and problems with repayment are mounting. Even if you have accumulated a lot of debt, a debt collector is not allowed to enter your home or step on your property without your full consent. At the same time, any representative from these agencies is not allowed to call you at work if you send them a letter and ask them not to. Therefore, if a debt collector tries to enter your home or continues to call you outside the hours that you specified, then you can call the police and sue them for harassment. The only allowed person on your property is a bailiff that has a court order. However, if the court order does not state that he is there to seize your house, he cannot enter your home unless you invite him in.

Debt collectors are using more aggressive strategies lately in order to recover the money for their clients. However, no matter what threats they come up with to scare you, you should know that you are protected by law. Because some of them can be really annoying and rude, it is advisable that you discuss your financial situation and renegotiate your loan directly with your lender and thus, avoid having to deal with these agencies.

Do not agree to pay the debt you owe to any debt collector, regardless if he is a representative of a real debt collection agency. When dealing with debt collectors you should be aware that some of them will threaten you with seizing your home, that they have the power to get a warrant and arrest you or even imply that they will use violence in case you do not pay. This is why it is advisable that you avoid engaging in additional conversation with debt collectors. If they do not stop the visits to your home or calling you, simply report them to the Federal Trade Commission.

In addition, in order to prevent fraud and harassment at the same time, avoid revealing your personal information on online social networks or job sites, for example. Because many people are struggling with debts nowadays, you should also keep an eye open for fake debt collectors. Therefore, if it is your first time hearing from a debt collection agency via the phone or in person, do not forget to ask all their personal details and have them checked out.