Beating Debt Collectors at Their Game

This article is dedicated to the millions of children who are innocent witnesses to their parents’ increased emotional distress when a dreaded phone call from a collector is received over and over.

Are there any sympathetic debt collectors? Don’t know. There are thousands of sleazy ones, who use the telephone to threaten, cajole and intimidate their “victims” who, for the most part, find themselves down on their luck due events beyond their control. Many have lost their jobs. Many are unable to find employment. Many have been evicted from their homes. Many have divorced due to the increased stress within their family.

Most of these people are hard working citizens. They are your neighbors, your friends and even your family members. Their children play with your children.

But…something changed. No more is the affected family outgoing. No more are their children smiling spontaneously. Grades in school are slipping. Why? The never ending bullying phone calls. The emotional upheaval felt that leaves mothers crying and fathers pacing. What is the difference between teenagers bullying other teenagers versus debt collectors bullying hard pressed families? Unfortunately some teenagers and individuals owing money have committed suicide due to the increased stress and inability to handle their circumstances.

No matter how hard parents try to hide their feelings, their children pick up that their world is falling apart. “What’s wrong Mommy?” “Daddy, why are you yelling at us?”

Parents need to take a few minutes and minimize the turmoil experienced by their children.

  • The next time debt collectors call, ask for their name and address of their company. Send a certified letter stating that calls are to be stopped. Calls will stop unless you are being sued.
  • You may also want to ask the amount owed and ask for proof of that amount.
  • You can also negotiate to lower the debt with a collector as they have acquired the debt, paying “pennies on the dollar.”

Parents, tell your children debt collectors cannot contact a third party and tell them money is owed. You cannot be arrested or lose your home or automobile. Debt collectors cannot take money from your retirement account or money that is paid to you by social security or unemployment. There are more additional “do’s and don’ts” which can be researched.

If need be, hire a lawyer. Your children deserve to live in an environment that is not being manipulated by debt collectors. With the unethical tactics employed by debt collectors, parents can turn the table and sue them for breaking the law, thus beating debt collectors at their game.